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Larger “Leverage” Than With Stocks

Larger “Leverage” Than With Stocks

Security deposit of futures equals 10-20% of the stockprice, i.e. one can open positions with leverage 1:5 to 1:10. And officially permitted amount of loan is1:4 and that is only for a certain class of investors.
No Pay For Loans

No Pay For Loans

When trading derivatives there's no need to pay for credit resources (“leverage”). Besides opportunity to open marginal positions doesn't depend on the broker's capacity, but only on the capacity of investor himself.

Consulting management

Consulting management gives investors who are just starting to work on the stock market an opportunity to receive qualified assistance of our experts on the whole spectrum of derivatives and strategies applied on the derivatives market, and also attractive opportunities for arbitrage operations, calendar spreads etc., available in the market at present.

The instruments of derivatives market are rather complex and it is not easy for an unprepared investor to understand all the details and rules of the derivatives instruments. A huge experience and special knowledge is necessary for a successful activity on the market.
One needs to learn by himself through trial and error and suffer significant losses before getting the desirable results. We offer a way to make investment process safer and more efficient by using the help of a skilled and experienced professional.

The advantages of consulting management:
  • Individual approach. Personal manager's consultations will allow you to chose an optimal strategy based on the expected profits and an accepted risk level;
  • The final decision is yours. The final decision on the operations and strategies always rests with you;
  • Beneficial conditions for making deals. Strategy creation and profit taking in the best moment for the best quotations;
  • Constant monitoring of market trends. This allows for finding potentially advantageous moments for opening new position on attractive prices.
In your portfolio you can include any instruments from almost any Russian or foreign stock exchange. We offer quotations practically on any options, strikes, maturity dates, and combinations according to the client's request. We settle problems of our clients quickly and effectively.

In order to get consultations of a personal portfolio manager you need to sign an agreement on broking and also sign an additional agreement to the initial one.

Minimal amount1 000 000 rubles
TradingInternet or phone trading
CommissionsCommission for management

For further information regarding the service please contact us, phone number:
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