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Larger “Leverage” Than With Stocks

Larger “Leverage” Than With Stocks

Security deposit of futures equals 10-20% of the stockprice, i.e. one can open positions with leverage 1:5 to 1:10. And officially permitted amount of loan is1:4 and that is only for a certain class of investors.
No Pay For Loans

No Pay For Loans

When trading derivatives there's no need to pay for credit resources (“leverage”). Besides opportunity to open marginal positions doesn't depend on the broker's capacity, but only on the capacity of investor himself.

Brokerage Services

Derivatives market provides a wide range of opportunities for making profits.

  • A wide range of instruments traded on derivatives markets allows the market participants to profit on shares derivatives, as well as oil, gold, interest rates, currencies, interbank lending rates derivatives, etc.
  • Futures and options operations at FORTS are on the whole much cheaper than the analogous operations on the spot shares market, as FORTS has a lower exchange charge and there are no additional indirect costs (depositary charges).
  • Derivatives market gives the opportunity to trade using the leverage effect. At the same time there is no necessity for paying for credit resources providing or leverage providing, which is the case with conducting marginal operations with stocks.
    An example.
  • Derivatives market provides better opportunities and more favorable terms for conducting "short" operations as maturity futures price (with the exception of a few cases) is usually higher then shares price and by the futures expiration date this difference in nullified. Moreover, one doesn't need to pay for using security deposit when using short futures which is the case with stocks.
  • Operations with RTS index contracts give the opportunity to trade “the whole market", that is to rely on general market trends without fear of being influenced by the negative corporate events.
  • Unlike margin trading, the opportunity to open positions depends not on the capacity of the broker, but only on the investor himself.
  • Securities are accepted as an insurance for positions on FORTS (currently this is Gazprom stocks), which improves efficiency of operations made.
  • Operations with options allow an investor:

  • To gain unlimited profits while the risks are limited and predicted even in case of the most adverse market trends
  • To open positions with the set risk/profit ratio
  • To gain profits using market volatility changes, not relying on the prices fluctuations predictions

  • Arbitrage

    Operations with derivatives market instruments allow market participants to get arbitrage profits due to the difference of prices on different markets. Arbitrageurs as well as hedgers are not looking for the market profits as a necessary condition. They are interested in financial results for the positions on the derivatives and on the spot market simultaneously.
  • The opportunity to conduct operations with the guaranteed profit rate, e.g. buying synthetic bonds.
  • The opposite operation – sale of a synthetic bond.
  • The opportunity to create calendar spreads as well as spreads between different futures and/or options contracts.
  • The diversity of instruments provides an opportunity for a wide range of arbitrage operations not only between derivatives and shares markets, but also between those using instruments of commodity markets, interest rates, currency, interbank credits, etc.
  • The usage of securities for FORTS operations

    To work on a derivatives market one can use certain stocks as collateral. Currently the following stocks can be used:

    1. OAO Lukoil ordinary shares
    3. OJS Rostelecom
    4. OJS Sberbank
    5. OJSC Surgutneftegas
    6. OJS NK Rosneft
    7. OAO Gazprom

    Thus one can keep the current parcel of stcoks and use it as collateral when working on the derivatives market, therefore gaining additional profits.

    Minimal amount300 000 rubles
    TradingInternet or phone trading

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