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Risk Management

Risk Management

Purchase of an option is an investment with restricted and predicted risks. Investor knows that under any circumstances he can't lose more than a certain amount.
Fixed “Risk-Priofitability” Rate

Fixed “Risk-Priofitability” Rate

Using combinations of options allows to make positions with fixed “risk-profitability” rate. At the very moment when position is opened, it is clear which will be the profit and maximum risk for the moment of option exercise date.

Asset management

New generation investment products (with capital protection)

A lyrical digression:

Our investment strategies are unique opportunities for investments as futures and options market of allows for managing your capital more efficiently in comparison to traditional stock market instruments.

The advantages of our investment products:
  • Unlimited approach and predicted risks
    Buying an option is a way to invest with a predicted risk (which is equal to the price of an option), being able to gain unlimited income.
    The investor knows for sure that capital losses will not be exceeded even under the most adverse circumstances on the market. The positive trend will benefit the investor.

  • Wide diversification of investments
    Investments in different assets including stock options, products and currencies options reduce the risks and increase profitability.

  • No risks of wrong investments predictions
    Unfortunately neither fundamental nor any other kind of analyses including a technical one allow for making precise predictions of the market behavior. The influence of human factor on our investments products is close to zero.

  • The opportunity to benefit even if the stock goes down
    Buying certain types of options allows for making profits from the fall of assets while the risk is also clearly predicted and limited.

  • The opportunity to benefit more from growing stocks
    Buying options can bring larger income compared to the growth of the stock itself. Everything depends on the amount of options bought.

  • Individual approach
    It is up to you to choose certain strategies with different risk levels which have a direct influence on the potential profitability (the greater the profit, the greater the risk) according to the risk / profit ratio you prefer.

A general outline of investment products.
Our investment products work on the principle of dividing your capital into 2 parts. One part is invested into RTS options and oil, gold options, etc. This part of your capital is the most profitable in case the stock goes up.

Due to the fact that you don't need to use all your capital to buy options, you can invest the other part of your money into arbitrage operations using derivatives market instruments which are characterized by a very low risk level and at the same time attractive profitability. These operations allow for complete or partial compensation of losses on the part of the capital invested into options in case the prediction was wrong and options were out of the money.

А — invested money, A=B+C.

В — capital invested into arbitrage operations

С — capital invested into options

D — the result for the arbitrage part (the final result under adverse circumstances)

E — the result for the options part under beneficial circumstances

F — final result under beneficial circumstances, F=D+E.
Fig 1.
Conservative strategy implies the return of the initially invested money even under the most adverse market circumstances (pic. 1). Moderate and aggressive strategies imply increased profitability, although certain risks may be present:

Strategy Maximum risk, in one year Average income, per annum
Conservative 0% 15-20%
Moderate 15% 30-40%
Aggressive 30% 60-70%

The investor can choose some other risk / profitability ratio different from these standard strategies according to his own preference.

Options strategies used in asset management:

Profit when the stock goes up.
Profit irrespective of whether the stock goes up or down.
Huge profit when the stock goes up

There are some similarities between this product and certain investment instruments called structural or structured products, an index-based account or deposit, notes linked to something, etc. However what profoundly differentiates our product from others is firstly the fact that the above-mentioned strategies normally imply opening certain option strategies and keeping them until expiration. We however engage into active management of these strategies according to the changing market environment. Secondly, while usually such strategies imply investing the second part of the capital into bonds, we drop this strategy in favor of much more reliable and at the same time profitable arbitrage operations.

The asset management scheme
Choosing a strategy
A client with the help of a portfolio manager chooses the management strategy according to his own investment horizon and preferences regarding risk / profitability ratio.

Portfolio management
Purchasing instruments according to the chosen strategy and then active portfolio management for profit maximization with strict continuous control over risks.

Accountability to clients
After login to his account a client has online access to the following data: portfolio value all account activity profitability diagram option positions analyses manager contacts, etc

Strategy characteristics may be adjusted according to the client's preferences.

Statistics (for a 2-year period, clean, including commissions and taxes)
         Moderate strategy:

         Aggressive strategy:

Minimum sum Russian market: 1 000 000 rubles, international markets: 3 000 000 rubles
Investment term6 months, 1 year
Commissions Fee for management and reward for success

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