Futures Price %
RTS 09.19 126 200 падение -0,49
Gasprom 09.19 22 950 падение -0,56
Lukoil 09.19 51 800 падение -0,28
Gold 09.19 1 529,9 рост +0,07
Brent 09.19 59 рост +0,69
Dollar 09.19 66 216 падение -0,05

Volatility charts Volatility charts

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Не только акции

Instruments of derivatives market allow not only to invest in derivatives of stocks, but also of stock indices, oil, agricultural products, interest rates, currencies, and even weather.

Ограничение рисков

Purchase of an option is an investment with restricted and predicted risks. Investor knows that under any circumstances he can't lose more than a certain amount.

Уникальные возможности

Volatility trade makes possible achieving profits in any situation at the market. In case of selling volatility profit is brought by up and down fluctuations of market, and in case of buying volatility purchase if market stays still.

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